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Check out Train Center Roco Marklin (Märklin) Athearn


Acoustics of Finland AF-2/AE-2X
Acoustic Electronics
Atlantic Technology
Dolby Digital
Dolby Info
Letter to Boston Audio Society re DVDs and Regions

(in Finnish/Suomeksi)




Connoisseur spare belts
Telarc/Decca CD's
Phono Pre-amplifier

LP Pre-amplifier

Home TheaterHome Theater
Train Center

MS Visual C++ and Borland C and C++ -_Version 1.52 Version 4.0 Version 4.0


Nordic Press
Other stuff:

Cost/Benefit Analysis - "Missouri Style"

Natural Resources/Conservation - Thanks!

Fun stuff:

The Great Yogi (Yogi Berra)

You Might Be A Bubba If -

Michigan Stadium - "The Big House"

"Hail To The Victors"




An inviolable law of HIGH-FIDELITY is "Nothing after the source can IMPROVE the signal, only minimize added distortion."

Also known as"Garbage in, garbage out" - "Excellence in, excellence out" 

 Jo 40 Vuotta Korkealaatuista Hifiä!

Pieni pala historiaa

40 Years of Quality Hi-Fi!

A bit of history

Interview/Haastelu - Pop-Lehti

HiFi Lehti 4/2001 -- Story about Sound Center

Hufvudstadsbladet 1/2004

Mitä on high fidelity? Osa 1 Osa 2

HiFi Maailma 9/07

What is High Fidelity? Article

HiFi Maailma 9/07 (Translation to English)


Home of the 5-star (Tekniikan Maailma)

Acoustics of Finland loudspeaker

AF-1 and AF-2 now available!

(Warning! Varoitus!)

Speaker Cables - Big Hoax?

(see the New York Times Article)


Home Theater HT 2.0

You'll be amazed!



Available: Roco , Märklin and Athearn Model Trains


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